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ViaCyte cure for diabetes. Most promising research

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Insulin was discovered around 100 years ago. It helps people manage the disease to some extent, though there is still no cure for any type of diabetes. Yet!

A beta cell replacement company ViaCyte has shown very promising technology - an insulin-producing implant. ViaCyte Encaptra cell delivery system is designed using stem cells. Stem cells can grow and transform into different types of cells depending on conditions. ViaCyte has already begun a clinical trial with some diabetic patients and there are several first remarkable and promising results. If it works the same way as it does with animals, It will mean that the cure is possible soon, and type 1 diabetics won't need insulin injections and constant blood sugar control. The company focused on delivering novel stem cell-derived cell replacement therapies as a functional cure for all type 1 diabetes and a next-generation treatment for insulin-requiring type 2 diabetes. It is also important to note that the devices are well tolerated by people. The Encaptra device effectively protects cells from immune attack.

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Thankfully, the research is still being conducted, clinical trials still receive funding from different institutes around the world, and who knows, maybe in near future we will hear  “The beta cure for diabetes has been tested successfully. Let us introduce – for the first time ever - cure for diabetes!”.

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