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What about the influence of pets on people with diabetes?

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It is known that animals have a good influence on people. They always help us relax, feel comfortable, and provide our home with coziness. Moreover, medical research also confirms the specific effects of pets on our health. That is very important for people with diabetes as pets can help them fight this disease and control their well-being. 

Here we picked up some main beneficial effects which pets provide us: 

  1. Reducing stress and anxiety. 
  2. Increased physical activity. 
  3. Expanding social connections. 
  4. Diagnostics of human diseases - animals, due to their amazing sense of smell, can determine the slightest changes in the human body. 
  5. Reducing the risk of disease - it has been proven that keeping pets improves immunity. 
  6. The healing effects of animals on humans 
  7. Animal therapy can have a strong influence on human health - communication with animals allows patients to recover faster from past illnesses and be distracted from problems. 

Some dogs can even be trained to assist diabetics who have trouble determining if their blood sugar is low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia) (hyperglycemia).

Diabetes alert dogs (DADs) 

Diabetes alert dogs (DADs) are taught to detect blood sugar levels that are either low or too high. They're also trained to remind you to take care of your blood sugar while you're still awake. Organic molecules in exhaled breath are considered to alter whether blood sugar levels are low or high. Dogs can be trained to respond to these chemicals' odors. Dogs may be able to detect changes in saliva or sweat. They may also pick up on your visual cues. 

According to some research, those who use a DAD have better blood sugar management, as well as better quality of life, well-being, independence, and physical activity levels.


So if you have diabetes, it would be good for your well-being to have a pet. And don’t forget that even if you have a pet, you still need to monitor your health condition. For people with diabetes, it’s very important to control their glucose levels. That’s why we offer you our freestyle libre adhesive patches, which will perfectly protect your sensor from damaging and falling off and you from worries!