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What is the influence of drinking coffee on people with diabetes?

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Coffee has become a very common thing in the modern world. We drink coffee in the morning, at work, at the cafe with friends and even in the evening. It became a habit for people to consume that beverage. However, constant consumption of coffee may be questionable because of its effect on the organism.

What are the effects of coffee on health?

Caffeine in coffee can have certain negative side effects, even in healthy people.

The following are some of the most common negative effects of caffeine:

  • headaches
  • restlessness 
  • anxiety

Coffee use, like most things, should be done in moderation. Coffee does, however, have hazards that you should discuss with your doctor, even when consumed in moderation.

Among the dangers are:

  • unfiltered or espresso-style coffees cause an increase in cholesterol
  • a higher chance of heartburn
  • following a meal, blood glucose levels are raised.

Does coffee affect blood glucose and insulin?

Plain coffee does not appear to raise blood sugar or blood glucose levels. Some study, however, shows that coffee's caffeine may affect insulin sensitivity. 

Other chemicals in coffee, such as magnesium, chromium, and polyphenols, may help to improve insulin sensitivity, potentially counteracting the effects of caffeine.

Should or shouldn’t people with diabetes drink coffee? 

Due to its special properties, coffee is recommended to people suffering from heart failure and other diseases. It keeps our body in good shape, helps to remove fatigue, and makes it possible to extend the period without sleep. 

For people with diabetes, it’s better not to drink coffee too much and drink it without any sugar. Coffee helps to lower blood sugar levels and makes the body more sensitive to the absorption of insulin. But the huge amount of it can have negative effects on our organism. So not a huge amount of coffee is good for people with diabetes. 

However, it’s always better to consult with your doctor about the correct dosage, rate, and possible contraindications to be sure. And don’t forget to control your glucose level while drinking coffee! And use our freestyle libre patches to be sure that your sensor is protected.