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What should be in Type 1 Diabetes Emergency Kit?

Of course, we start with insulin because it’s a must. But there are some more supplies you will probably need to have on hand. An emergency kit for diabetes type 1 has to be customized for your specific needs; nevertheless, we’d like to share some of the things which you can use as a guideline.

- Insulin and blood glucose monitor

- Cold storage container with prepared ice

- Ice pack for insulin which is usually stored in the refrigerator

- Glucagon

- Blood testing strips

- If you were told to check for ketones, put those tests too

- Antiseptic wipes

- Insulin pump supplies

- Vials of insulin and syringes (in case the pump stops working)

- CGM supplies (if you are using freestyle libre monitor, take extra freestyle libre patches)

- Extra batteries for a blood test monitor and insulin pump. You can use a mobile power pack for device that should be recharged.

- Emergency glucose for hypoglycemia.

- Enough bottled water because it’s necessary to stay hydrated.

Also we recommend to сare a list of contact information in case of emergency with you and a sheet about your condition and treatment. Never hurts to take extra precaution.

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