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What's with those mood swings?

Probably you already know what it feels like when your blood sugar level goes high or low. You can experience the whole range of emotions: from having small anxiety to being extremely angry. Fluctuations in blood glucose levels can strongly affect your emotional state. Of course, each person has specific emotions evoked by hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. But studies show that most often high blood sugar leads to sadness and anger and low blood sugar evokes irritability and nervousness.

Managing an emotional impact of T1D is not easy but it’s necessary to find the right mood management strategies for you because your mental health is as important as physical.

For example, you may start writing a blog about your daily struggles to share it with other people or keeping a mood diary; bring more humor content into your life (comedies, memes, stand up, whatever makes you laugh); sometimes volunteering at some charity activities are helping. And also use a CGM system like freestyle libre sensor to see how fast your sugar goes up or down.

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