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Why Fixic Freestyle Libre adhesive patch?

freestyle libre sensor cover

Have you ever wondered how to protect your CGM while working out? Your Freestyle Libre sensor falls off and you have to replace it before the end of 14-day session? Usually, bands for sensors or cheap patches do not ensure a strong grip so your sensor can still be easily damaged. To make your sensor live longer we recommend you try Fixic Freestyle libre adhesive patch. So why Fixic?

  • In comparison with other patches, our patches have been tested successfully to stay on the skin up to 14 showers.
  • Fixic patches are designed using non-toxic strong medical adhesive, which is safe for your skin. It sticks firmly to your skin for the whole sensor session;
  • Fixic patches are FDA certified;
  • As it is made of hypoallergenic and latex-free material, it will be suitable for people even with the most sensitive skin;
  • Natural cotton material will let your skin breathe under the patch and prevent irritation;
  • Fixic has thousands of happy customers all over the US and Europe.

Protect your Freestyle Libre sensor with Fixic patch and you will be satisfied.