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Why Freestyle Libre adhesive patches?
libre freestyle sensor covers

Because it is sterile protection and fixation!

When you choose the Freestyle Libre sensor as your permanent glucose analyzer, you should be concerned about its attachment for the full 14 days of use.

Doing your usual routine, you should not forget about the special hygiene associated with wearing the sensor.

Why not choose protective libre patches?

The libre freestyle sensor covers are suitable for people of all age groups. 

It is advisable to degrease the skin area with the sensor before applying the patch. 

Fixing the patch doesn’t require special skills, it is always at hand and can be easily replaced. It will protect the sensor installation site from external damaging factors and accidental sensor disruption. You may run the risk of getting into an unpleasant situation without this cover, where glucose levels cannot be tracked.

Simple and comfortable

Fixation of the sensor with a patch gives several positive moments at once. 

A well-adhesive plaster does not allow dust or moisture to penetrate underneath, it can serve as a waterproof cover. 

In the case of a violation of the fastener, it can be peeled off and stuck to a new one.

The patch is sterile and will not cause allergies.

And since they come in different colors, you can match the patch specifically to yourself or to your outfit.