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Will you have diabetes if your family member has it?

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There is a common opinion about diabetes that it is a hereditary disease. That’s true, but only partly.

The children with parents who have diabetes have a bigger opportunity to get diabetes by inheritance than other people. However, diabetes is not only driven by genetics, and having a relative with the disease does not guarantee that you will develop it.

The other important thing that causes the appearance of diabetes is a way of life. The probability of getting sick depends on nutrition, activities, permanent stress, etc. The best what parents with diabetes can do for their children is to provide them with good conditions to live in. They should study them to eat healthy food, do sports, protect their organism and control their weight. Identifying genes may also aid researchers and physicians in predicting diabetes diagnoses and developing tailored treatment strategies that are best for glucose management and slowing disease development.

Hopefully, there are a lot of DNA tests that can say whether or not your child is at risk of developing diabetes.

How does it work?

Researchers have uncovered a link between specific genes and the onset of diabetes over time. Types 1 and 2 diabetes are thought to have complicated genetic etiologies, with over 40 and 90 genes/loci implicated, respectively, that interact with environmental/lifestyle factors.

The genes discovered have a variety of roles and responsibilities that can affect blood sugar regulation. Influencing the expression of other genes, directing the release of insulin, pumping glucose into cells, and speeding up the breakdown of glucose are all examples of these tasks.

However, something in the environment, in addition to genes, must cause diabetes to become activated.

Viruses, cold weather, early food introduction, and whether or not a kid is breastfed, for example, have all been proven to play a role in the development of type 1 diabetes in children with genetic susceptibility.


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