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Working out safely

So, you are ready to start working out, you have talked to your endocrinologist and other specialists to manage your exercise plan and everything is settled except one thing. Your Dexcom g6 CGM doesn’t allow you to feel completely comfortable while training.

Though such sensors are equipped with a special adhesive, skin types differ and some people may have problems with keeping it on. Maybe you could use some of our tips for strong sensor attaching:

1. First of all, choose the right spot for the sensor. It’s better to attach a sensor on the area without(or less) hair, avoiding places where skin folds or near such things where monitor can be caught on (waistband, for example).

2. The better you prepare your skin, the longer your sensor will last. Dry and clean area is a must.

3. If you know that you will be sweating a lot, getting water contact or working out intensively, you might want to put dexcom g6 adhesive patches over the sensor. Fixic adhesive patches absorb all the sweating during the workouts and provide a firm fastening of your device.

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