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Yoga and diabetes

An increasing number of people are turning to yoga practice in order to keep their mental health under control. Let’s talk about how yoga helps people with diabetes. Regularly practicing yoga been proven to have an impact on stress level, lower blood pressure and overall well-being. It helps to coordinate how we breathe and that’s a very important tool for our health, especially when it comes to getting a sense of inner peace.

Several studies have shown how yoga is reducing stress-related hyperglycemia and positively affects blood glucose control. By training controlled breathing techniques and meditation, participants learn how to invoke a relaxation response to the stress. Such response helps regulate cortisol and other stress hormones, that increase blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

Moreover, doing yoga you are gaining the fundamentals of self-care and self-discipline. When you become more mindful, it’s easier to deal with diabetes, same as with other things that can bring discomfort to you.

If you are worried that training may be challenging for your Dexcom CGM that should be firmly attached to the skin, remember that you can just put a protective dexcom adhesive patch over it.

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