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Freestyle Adhesive Patches 25 pcs by FixiC – Good for Libre 1, 2 – Enlite – Guardian – Libre Adhesive Covers – Waterproof Adhesive Patches – Pre-Cut – The Best Fixation for Your Sensor! (Multi-Color)

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Is it a challenge to maintain the sensor on your skin for an extended period? Fixic's new waterproof adhesive patches designed for Enlite and Guardian sensors ensure they stay securely in place for over two weeks! Our patches have undergone successful testing, demonstrating their ability to adhere to the skin for a full 14 days.

The adhesive backing of our patches is composed of three parts, allowing for easy peeling and sticking. Covering any type of sensor, whether Enlite or Guardian, is a breeze with Fixic adhesive patches.

Fixic's adhesive patches prioritize your health, being latex-free and hypoallergenic. The stretchable and flexible material lets your skin breathe comfortably, with each patch measuring 4.5 x 3.2 inches.

Receive 25 adhesive patches in various colors: red (2), orange (2), yellow (2), light green (2), dark green (2), purple (2), black (2), blue (2), light blue (2), turquoise (2), pink (2), tan (3) – offering different colors for varying moods and needs.

We guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction with our premium waterproof adhesive patches. If you're not pleased with our product, we offer a refund—just let us know! Order without risk by clicking the "Add to Cart" button right now!


Color: Multi-Color

Dimensions: 3.2"x4.5"

Quantity: 25

Materials: Stretchable, waterproof, latex-free, hypoallergenic, and breathable cotton material.




Freestyle Adhesive Patches

Good for Libre 1, 2



Waterproof Adhesive Patches