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Adhesive Patches for Libre by FixiC - Pack of 25 - Round (Color: Pink)

$15.91 $15.91

Adhesive patches for libre by Fixic are a great solution to hold your sensor in place and keep it protected all the time! If you are worried that your sensor won’t stay through showers or any other day-to-day activities, then this product was made exactly for your needs. Brightly designed adhesive patches will adhere your sensor to the skin for many days! They have been tested successfully to stay on the skin for up to 14 showers.

No complicated instructions: you only need to peel off the backing paper which covers an adhesive part and then attach it over your Enlite, Guardian, Libre.

And don’t worry if it is harmless for your skin – our libre adhesive patch is FDA certified and made of a hypoallergenic and latex-free material. Don’t use cheap quality products that damage your skin health!


Color: Pink.

Dimensions: 3 1/2".

Materials: Waterproof, latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive. Stretchable & breathable cotton material.




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